The White Haired Shooter : Introduction

12 Jan

The White haired ShooterTHE WHITE HAIRED SHOOTER


HI!  My name is Peggy, and I am a sixty-something woman living in Northwest Montana.

Although I am a west coast “transplant,” like most of the Montana women I know here I grew up with shooting. I learned target shooting with a 22 rifle as a youngster right along with the boys, and have gone rifle and shotgun hunting for deer, ducks and grouse for years.

But handguns are a newer addition to my life. When I tried shooting a pistol about 30 years ago I found the experience unsatisfying and was extremely discouraged when my initial attempts didn’t even come close to hitting the target.

My best friend and husband of twelve years – Gary , on the other hand, was a competition hand gun shooter and rifle marksman with military as well as a hunting background. He reloads and has done a lot of his own gun smithing.

He is also a certified NRA Basic Pistol instructor.  I help him with class set up and paperwork, and when I have fully retired from my “day job” – also plan to get my NRA certification. Classes are taught in a fifth wheel set up at our home range, and the focus is on teaching couples – primarily retirees – who seek a general  working knowledge of safe handling and shooting of pistols mostly for self defense in the home and while traveling.

We started a leather making business a couple of years back as a “retirement” business – which has developed into a specialty – every day carry and concealed holsters for handguns. Gary custom makes each holster using the REAL gun.

This has given me the opportunity to study and handle a lot of different guns – revolvers and semi autos. Over time, with encouragement and training, I have come to understand pistols better and learned to shoot reasonably well.  And I admit I am now hooked on target shooting with a handgun.

My goal with this blog is to share my experience as a woman coming to know handguns later in life. There are many aspects of shooting that are unique to women, and to the older woman in particular. I want to create a space to share training, resources, encouragement and stories that help make firearms a safer and more enjoyable part of a mature woman’s life.

Safe and Happy Shooting!      – Peggy C

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