Taking a Break from the Blog….

15 Jul

The White haired ShooterTHE WHITE HAIRED SHOOTER


After reviewing what I have written since the beginning of the year, I think I have accomplished the first part of my “plan.”  I have explored writing about the mature person’s experience in taking up handgun shooting later in life. Thank you to everyone who has commented, followed, and liked this effort.

My intention is to take what I have learned from jumping through various topics, and now organize my thoughts and get serious about writing a book on this subject.

To say that I am “ready” for such an undertaking would be foolish.  There are only so many hours in a day, a week, a year, and time keeps ticking away. No time like the present to jump in, fully committed to the task.Don’t know how long this process will take, but I will be back posting here from time to time and check in on my new blog friends.

I am addicted to writing, and have another blog that will stay active during this time. If you would like to see another side of the White Haired Shooter, where I am doing more of a photo journal on where I reside, and practicing my writing “skill” or “craft,” while I am about the book write, I’d love to see you at:

Thanks again. Keep practicing and improving your skills, if I can help you with shooting related issues let me know, and always be “aware” in any situation – at home, in your car, at work, while enjoying the outdoors! I’ll be back!

Happy and Safe shooting  –  Peggy

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