The Process Begins.

18 Jul

The White haired ShooterTHE WHITE HAIRED SHOOTER

I thought since this is my first structured attempt at finally “writing a book,” I might as well blog about the process. Much akin to deciding to make any serious change in life going “public” helps with accountability!

While the content of “the book that will be” has changed multiple times throughout my life,  the common denominator has been a failure to find a process to write. The “starts” with no “finishes” has resulted in a graveyard of paper, Word files, and best intentions.

This time I am on a mission.  And it helps that I finally can make some time to devote to the process, and have a wonderful husband who is supportive – if somewhat bemused.

I have always been the “wind beneath the wings” kind of person, and I am very content doing that. But writing is something I have wanted to do for ME from early childhood. I feel  I have quite a few books in me, and I’m not getting any younger. Lends me courage to get to it when I think about it in that respect.

I’ve never formally studied “how to write” a book. I concentrated on “hard science” in school, worked in the electronics industry in the 70’s and 80’s and have written a lot of training manuals in my day along with countless database programs to accomplish tasks. All very practical. But not what is in my heart!

What I hit on was a more structured approach, and it had its beginnings with this blog. This was for a couple of reasons: To see if I could sustain writing on a topic for a significant period. (I believe 6 months of weekly articles qualifies as a YES.) And I wanted to test the waters and see if there was merit in the topic I would write about. (I thank those that have come along side me so I can say a modest YES to that as well.)

To cope with my inner child who loves to play and distract me, I started another blog ( located at ) so that I would have an outlet for the oddball topics that come pouring of my imagination as I sit at the keyboard.

I am ready. I already have completed the first leg on this journey, and ready for the next.

I copied these blog articles to my computer and discovered they total a startling 30,843 words once compiled!

Ye gads I am wordy…  (just in case nobody noticed before! )

Anyway, I am now about the process of outlining how I want the book to flow, and when I catch a break from that… and my day job…. and working with my husband’s leather business… and the garden… and the other blog, and….  well you get the point… I’ll update where I am at on this journey.

I welcome any comments, encouragement, suggestions, ideas, and HELP!  I really appreciate all I’ve received so far from this amazing community, which is something I didn’t expect when I first began! Thank you!   — Peggy

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