A Quick and Dirty Fix Comes Back to Haunt Me…

19 Jul
The White haired Shooter

The White haired Shooter

I didn’t get very far today on my project of lining out the flow of “my book.”

Instead I took a much delayed sidestep to clean up my computer.

Ever made a decision to solve a problem facing you with a quick and dirty fix  because you didn’t want to have to make a lot of changes “RIGHT NOW?”

It is another lesson in:

Expediency of the moment  

*   does not equal  *

      The best solution.

Dang. It bit me again.

Eighteen months ago  I needed to perform an emergency replacement of my old computer (now in PC heaven) , with a snazzy, then-new computer running on the newly re-invented ribbon bar style 2007 MS Office Suite. I opted to install my old antique MS Office 2003 on it in order to be instantly up and running and thus avoid the learning curve and frustration of figuring out how to make the dang ribbon work.  Since then, at my day job, I have adapted and learned to love the ribbon. But at home grit my teeth and painfully cope with the conflicts I created.

It dawned on me, just today, that I need to stop living in 2003 (yes I am not very swift).  If I am going to submit a polished product to an editor or potential publisher, I don’t want to drag in the old 2003 Word I have been clinging to. So, in the end, the decision to get serious about “the book” trumps my laziness!

Well, I did it. Now my darling computer is running faster after a quick tune up, and I have moved one step closer, albeit still half a decade behind, to updated software.

And also, as a bonus, misery loves company. I now know there are other people out there that took this same shortcut, and are now struggling to clean it up. I ran into quite a few of them in the forums I searched, and we enjoyed a nice pity party.

I  learned Microsoft has put together some nifty utilities to solve the problem, and if any of you reading this need to know more about that, just let me know and I’ll share what I learned.

Back to my project now. The outline is starting to flow. Another bonus, I had lots of time waiting for downloads, installations and rebootings to think things through!

~  Peggy





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