First Lesson: “Banana bites”

21 Jul

The White haired ShooterTHE WHITE HAIRED SHOOTER

The first lesson in this “self taught” book writing course of mine is:

Beware TMI




Trying to cram in every idea that has occurred to me over the months I have been compiling my notes in blog form is not going to fly.  The number of pages to execute would make the book so heavy it wouldn’t even be shippable by barge!  I can see the original book I envisioned can easily be made into THREE books.  I have such a wide range of ideas and topics that I want to express and convey.

I may have, in my usual fashion, bitten off more than I can chew!  But that rarely keeps me from a task. Just got to break it down and handle in smaller batches.  As I told my boys growing up, you can even choke on a banana if you try to to swallow it whole. Got to take “banana bites.”

I am refocusing my effort to what I want to examine the most. I’ve narrowed the premier tome to assisting a mature woman make the decision to buy, or not to buy, a gun for self defense. That leaves a lot of room for generalized discussion, facts, and considerations. This is the topic I believe is the least addressed in what I have found “out there,” particularly as it relates to the more mature woman.

I’m thinking the second book in the series will discuss basic information about hand guns and ammunition, basic shooting practices, and of course, safety. Finally the third one would be how does a mature woman carry, store, use, and become prepared mentally, physically, emotionally for the situations and consequences she may encounter.

As always, I welcome any comments, encouragement, suggestions, ideas, and HELP!  You folks in this community are such a generous positive bunch, thank you!   — Peggy

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