Learning the Craft

30 Aug

I am sure those who have been writing for years, and particularly those who are published, have read a lot of statements by “aspiring writers” that provide a good chuckle.

One statement from many unpublished writers, is that writing a novel is “easy.” And I believe it can be! Words flow in torrents from the brain to the finger tips!

But is it any good?

Is it captivating?

Does “clever” use of language alone grip a reader and carry a plot?

Are the characters believable and have depth so the reader loves (or hates) them?

Does it have what it takes to stand out from among all the other novels/books available?

Why would anyone want to read it, even if it is self published?

Writing is both an ART and a CRAFT.

The ART part (the flowing words mentioned above) may indeed come easy to some fortunate few.  Many books are written by “novice” or “newbie” writers relying on pure talent and bravado.  Some are excellent, some not so much. Writing the “next one” is where the well often goes dry, and the struggle begins; or alternatively a long list of poor plots and characters begins.

But ART alone, and having a fair grasp of grammar, large vocabulary, and an ability to organize and present language won’t cut it in the long run.

That’s where the CRAFT of writing comes in to play. Honing the craft comes from experience and training (only rarely is it a gift.) It must be learned and earned. The tricks and tools of the trade, along with rules and guidelines exist for good reason.

Personally, I’ve slowed down on the non fiction book a bit, and decided it’s time to take advantage of the amazing resources available to learn the craft. I’ve begun writing short stories and flash fiction while studying the craft side of writing, and taking advantage of some wonderful tools this age of the internet has bestowed upon us!

I believe that will affect the quality of my non fiction book as well!


— Peggy


The White haired Shooter

The White haired Shooter


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2 responses to “Learning the Craft

  1. weight2lose2013

    September 7, 2014 at 5:16 pm

    Hi Peggy! I hope that you had a great summer. I’ve nominated your blog for an award. Please don’t feel that you have to participate!

    Take care,

  2. silverliningsanddustbunnies

    September 7, 2014 at 8:27 pm

    Thanks Rob, I am honored. Been a very busy summer, and so far I haven’t successfully participated in an award! I thank you muchly, and hope your summer was great, and that you’ve got your kids all settled back in school and fall activities!


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