Back to Basics – Punctuation

14 Dec

Way past time I take punctuation seriously.  These two tomes have moved up on my study list:




Reluctantly –  with worry lines furrowing my brow – I am studying basic punctuation.  It has been brought to my attention that I overuse, misuse, and frivolously use my nemesis:


I admit, I never paid attention to the correct use of that punctuation mark in school or since.  Years ago I studied medical transcription, and I nailed 97% of the course. My downfall: that dang comma. I was torn apart by the teacher for being oblivious to this basic form of punctuation. She was baffled.  More recently, I lost points in a writing contest for comma transgressions. The judge gave me 100% on everything else, but on punctuation: 50%. Once again, comma mucking ruined my chances.

I had hoped to slip out the back door on this issue during my lifetime, but it is becoming obvious I am going to have to work through this.   I have overcome other areas, and this too will come (I hope).

I just need to find the proper motivation. With the Lord’s grace.

I have subscribed to the “put ’em wherever they feel right” method, and I am now becoming “comma-phobic.” My eyes glaze over, and I can only manage to skim read through the examples. Makes me feel downright silly, it does!  (also over use exclamation points, and just avoid semi-colons).

There, confession is good for the soul.  My new year’s resolution is to the master the COMMA.

So far, I have been pleasantly surprised as I re-read (or more truthfully, first time I didn’t skim read)  “The Elements of Style.”  I found it easy to read and even interesting. Amazing.

The Chicago Manual of Style, however, is still a blur!


— Peggy


The White haired Shooter

The White haired Shooter


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2 responses to “Back to Basics – Punctuation

  1. Luke Otley

    December 14, 2014 at 1:24 pm

    Strunk is definitely manageable, I’ve got a cool little pocket edition. Is it free on kindle?

    • whitehairedshooter

      December 14, 2014 at 1:32 pm

      Yes, it is free on Kindle! I downloaded it… Added incentive to study it, yes?


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