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The “Handi-Racker” Review

The White haired ShooterTHE WHITE HAIRED SHOOTER

This post provides a brief review of the “Handi-Racker” tool available for sale for $29.99 online (+they do run introductory “specials”) at

Handi Racker

The ability, or lack thereof, to rack the slide to load/unload/clear a round in the chamber of a semiautomatic pistol prevents many people with weak, injured, or arthritic hands from using them. While switching to a revolver may sometimes be of benefit, grip issues while shooting DA (double action) will often persist. To date there are only a couple of manufacturers working to make racking a slide easier or providing an alternative method of loading in the first bullet on the semi automatic. I did a little “surfing” on this issue online and easily found the “Handi-Racker.”

I tested the Handi-Racker, with one of our pistols, a 3″ 1911 Colt Defender. This gun has a very tight 24 lb recoil spring. The Handi-Racker performed easily on the Defender, starting with the hammer down. Normally when racking the slide on this particular gun I cock the hammer back first, which gives me less resistance. I racked it one handed with my left (weak) hand, while taking the picture. While it is easier to use two hands while racking, with your other hand holding the “Handi-Racker” steady. if you are limited to using just one hand, it works really well!

I am pretty impressed.

My husband had been more than a little skeptical when I first purchased this “gadget,” but after watching me easily rack the slides on a variety of our handguns – from a small .380 to the larger 10 mm, he was curious enough to try it out himself.

His assessment, a solid (for him)  “Pretty nice.”

This little device can be placed up against any solid surface like a wall, on a counter or tabletop, or held in your hand to assist in racking the slide on the gun and comes in a variety of sizes nicely color coded:  SMALL (blue/White), MEDIUM (Black/White), LARGE (Gold/Black) , and XLarge (Tan/Green). I purchased the LARGE, which is advertised as

“Fits most duty sized guns like Glocks, Springield X’s, S&W M&P’s, 1911’s and many more!”

It is well constructed from heavy duty plastic material, fits nicely on the slide of the handgun and in my size-small hand.

Their website is very informative, is full of glowing reviews, and gives instructions right on the first page. The card it ships with also provides all you need to get started using it, and even has a code to scan to watch a video.  From the card:

“Handi-Racker was designed to assist people who many have difficulty racking a pistol. It can be used to load or unload rounds, clear jams or field stirpping.

1. Place Handi-Racker on top of muzzle of gun.

2. Push grip towards hard surface till slide is fully racked, then release.”

If I was going to ask for anything more, it would be for somewhere to attach a lanyard, particularly for during shooting practice sessions. While there is a slot about 2/3 of the way lengthwise on the back piece of the block that is used for positioning the front sights  (which I wouldn’t recommend using for ANY other purpose), there is no place to attach a cord. You could use a small pouch or put it in a pocket.

Overall I love the way it works, and it is a wonderful assistive device.

I found an excellent review that also gives a narrative history of the device online:     Average Joe’s Handgun Reviews: Gizmos, Gadgets, and Goodies for Guns


Happy and Safe shooting  –  Peggy


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The “Flash Bang” Holster- for the Glock 42

The White haired ShooterTHE WHITE HAIRED SHOOTER

This post is meant to provide a very brief review of the “Flash Bang” holster. There are a multitude of reviews and videos on this innovative  holster and I’ll provide a few links at the end of this entry.

A previous post happily shared my purchase of the new “baby Glock” – the Glock 42, chambered in .380.  I started carrying my new “baby” in a pocket holster that I kept in a zippered pocket of my coat or in my purse.  While that allowed me to carry the firearm “with” me, it didn’t provide a method of carrying it “on” me, which is the preferred method for self defense.

The “Flash Bang” is a molded kydex holster, shown here with the longest of the snap on suede straps that attach at the midpoint of the bra, between the cups.  The holster cradles the G42 and covers the trigger.

The gun “snaps” in place and then tucks up under the underwire of your bra.

To draw the gun, you grasp the handle and pull down quickly to release it.untitled

I changed out the suede strap (shortest of the three) that came with the holster, and the directions are serious when they warn you to watch for “small parts” as you do this.  Mission accomplished, I then attached the holster by snapping the VERY strong one way snap onto my bra, without a gun in it at first, just to get the feel of it.

Next I put the gun in the holster, you have to put it in the holster with a bit of “authority” for it to snap in.  For this initial test I did it without the magazine installed-  which I wouldn’t advise you to try with this model.  There are some “sharp-ish” edges at the base of the grip that will not feel comfortable, particularly while sitting. After I put in an empty magazine it immediately felt better!

My final stage of  “fitting” was with a fully loaded magazine (although not brave enough to have one in the chamber at this point! ). The added weight  pulled down a bit on the bra, and I made some adjustments.  I found it fit my frame a little better to “tweak” it so the muzzle pointed a little down.

I wore the Flash Bang  for about two hours that first day, and it was pretty comfortable. Drawing the gun was easy to learn, reholstering took a bit more fiddling with but eventually I got the “hang” of it (pun intended!)

The second day I wore it under a thin pullover shirt, and it was well concealed. You would have to know that it was there and be looking for it. Within a very short amount of time, I mostly forgot it was there.

The Holster “Cozy”

The “mature woman” in me found some things a little uncomfortable. Kydex is a hard material, and between my aging and thinning skin and the effects of gravity “at work” on my anatomy, there were a few “pinch spots” that I would feel occasionally while wearing it.G42 w cozy

I decided what was needed was a “holster cozy.”  My husband -the creative master- jumped on that project before I even had a chance to think about materials for it, and literally within minutes presented me with a “cozy” from an old sock.

He was ready to permanently attach it to the Kydex holster, and I was appalled.

Another “fascinating” experience of getting to be an old woman are “hot flashes.” The placement of this holster is in an area that, pardon me, can on occasion get pretty “damp.” Whatever was used for the “cozy” had better be able to be thrown in the washer!

holster cozyThis “cozy” did improve the comfort of the holster, and is completely washable.

Here is the “cozy” laid out flat. Any soft, absorbent, washable material would do, and I am sure the truly crafty could add embellishments and “prettify” it, but it works for me! Just be sure that you leave the bottom opening of the holster clear so you don’t get it tangled up when holstering/ drawing your gun!

I really like the Flash Bang holster, and it is a GREAT way to carry my “baby.”

A few links for reviews: pro and con !

Happy and Safe shooting  –  Peggy


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